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Our next webinar is held 2 June 2022. This is a must attend event to all accountants, lawyers and other business advisors. We have 2 sessions: 10 am and 1 pm. (AEST)


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Our Case Study archives are full of different strategies. Restructure, DOCA, Creditor negotiations, bankruptcy, business exits, you name it. Have a read!


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Our Checklist will help Accountants to identify clients who are in financial distress before those issues become insurmountable. 


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Many business owners are surprised to learn what they have personally guaranteed. We have prepared a template you can use to set up a personal guarantee register. 


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Our next in-person Breakfast Seminar in Gold Coast is held 12 May 2022. 

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Our next Townsville in-person Breakfast Seminar is in May 2022. Mackay and Cairns seminars were held in March 2022.

Our seminars contribute to CPD programs.