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de Jonge Read Webinars

Our webinars are must to attend!


de Jonge Read Webinar 22nd February 2024
10am (QLD time) & 1pm (QLD time)

Our first webinar for 2024 on Thursday 22 Feb will feature the annual conversation between the dynamic duo,

Ashley Shield and Hank de Jonge, focusing on what we can expect for the year ahead, lessons learnt over the last year as well as some interesting recent case studies.


By popular demand, this year we return to running two monthly webinar sessions 10am (QLD) & 1pm (QLD) as well as having the recording available for anyone who wants to stay updated but isn't able to attend either session.

To register use the buttons below to select what time you would like to attend.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Did you miss our previous webinars? 

You can now watch the recordings of our previous sessions below: 

de Jonge Read Webinar - October 2023

de Jonge Read Webinar - October 2023

Have you ever spoken with a potential new client seeking advice on a sticky situation and wondered whatever happened to them??? Perhaps you provided some free advice but for some reason or other, the client decided to take a different path. At de Jonge Read, we face this scenario infrequently. This is because we tend to hear again from many of those clients when the proverbial hits the fan. You know the type, people desperate for a solution who gratefully accept our free consulting advice before falling under the spell of slick, on-line promises of less scrupulous advisors. They choose their approach sometimes based on initial fee quotes without really recognising the value of the relatively modest investment in our representation and guidance. Unfortunately, this lesson can be an expensive one for these clients and they return to us seeking help, often in an even worse position having unnecessarily cost themselves many thousands of dollars by not engaging de Jonge Read in the first instance. These aren’t “we told you so” moments – instead we focus on how we can help these clients get out of their even stickier situations – some we can salvage, for others the hole is too deep. This month, our experienced Strategist Terry Finn will be joining Ashley Shield to share some client scenarios and highlight how much the investment in proper representation can mean for our clients in a practical sense, to their livelihoods and their financial futures.
de Jonge Read Webinar - September 2023

de Jonge Read Webinar - September 2023

In this month’s webinar, Ashley will be joined by Darren Addison, one of de Jonge Read’s experienced strategists whose extensive business banking experience has proven an invaluable resource for many of our firm’s clients. American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, had a favourite saying along the lines of “When all you've got is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” This saying has come to be known since as the Law of the Instrument. What he meant was, when it comes to problem-solving, we tend to get locked into using familiar tools in expected ways. de Jonge Read tend to take the opposite approach and in our next webinar, Darren and Ashley will explain why and how we do this. They will be discussing the relative merits of different insolvency strategies and interventions and why one may be favoured over another because of the specific circumstances an individual client finds themselves in. ATO Commissioner Chris Jordan warned this week that small business owed more than its share of collectable debt and that a rising number of profitable businesses with the capacity to pay were choosing not to. Jordan was “unapologetic” about the ATO’s tougher stance on collectable debt so we know to expect further increases in ATO collection activity. If you are looking for ways to ensure that your client has access to the best possible tools and strategies for their specific circumstances, we welcome you to join us for what will be a robust and enlightening webinar.
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