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When facing financial difficulties, a properly planned and executed strategy will help to eliminate uncertainties, give you a clear direction moving forward and minimise the impact to you personally. The core value of the de Jonge Read service is providing fair representation to company directors and individuals experiencing financial difficulty and giving guidance and personal support through a very stressful period.

Understanding the roles each party plays
A liquidator or trustee in bankruptcy has a legal obligation to represent creditors, whilst at de Jonge Read our sole objective is achieving the best possible solution for the business owner - you. We will carefully analyse your unique situation and formulate a strategy that will achieve the best outcome possible. 

Achieving the best outcome
de Jonge Read is passionate about assisting company directors and individuals through difficult financial situations. The key to achieving the best possible outcome is more than strategy alone, it is about implementation and execution. 


We are ridiculously good at what we do.

There's a good reason why, loads of experience in our Team.

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