de Jonge Read's Asset Protection Strategies are designed to withstand the toughest of times - an insolvency event.  After all, when else would you need asset protection?  Many business owners are under a false sense of security that their personal assets are safe due to their business being operated through a company structure.  This is not necessarily the case.  There are many areas that ultimately lead to exposure of your personal assets.  Each corporate structure and personal situation is unique and requires detailed review and advice to ascertain the most appropriate asset protection measures to put in place.


You may need to put asset protection measures in place if you have: 


  • Signed personal guarantees to trade creditors

  • Division 7A loans 

  • Advanced your company money from personal resources

  • Lodged your BAS or SGC late 

  • Used the same financial institution for both home loan and business facilities

  • Acted as an individual trustee of a discretionary trust

  • A sole trader business


Business owners who have sought professional advice and have put adequate asset protection measures in place from the outset are able to navigate the insolvency framework with peace of mind.  


Are you aware that if you simply gift an asset or transfer title without proper consideration this could be clawed back in an insolvency event? By having the right strategies in place your assets can be protected from day one. 


Are your assets protected? How well?


Our Team can assist in getting to the bottom of this question.

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