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When is financing or refinancing an option for me?


When a director wants to continue to trade so that the company’s business can pay all of its creditors, financing or refinancing could be an option. Sometimes short-term issues can be addressed by either obtaining new finance or refinancing existing debt. However, in the current environment, ·the opportunity to refinance may be limited to strong businesses, and, ideally, ones that have tangible security to offer to their lenders.


What financing options are there? 


While debtor finance is a fitting solution for many of our clients, we can also help you to find the best solution for your situation from the following options:

  • Mortgage lending

  • Motor vehicle finance

  • Equipment finance

  • Overdrafts

  • Business loans

  • Supply chain finance (reverse factoring, trade finance)

  • Fintech lending

  • Other tailored solutions for specific finance needs

What is debtor finance?

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Need Finance? Done.

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