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Financial trouble ahead?

We're here to help. We'll find the right options for you
personally and for your business. 

Cashflow problems due to Covid-19? The ATO chasing? Can't pay your creditors? Lost the passion for business? Worried about bankruptcy? Afraid you might lose your family home? There are options!


We at de Jonge Read have literally helped thousands of people like you - company directors and business owners in financial difficulty. We review your situation carefully. We consider both business and personal aspects. We then prepare a written recommendation on how to achieve the best outcome possible in your unique situation. We do this at no initial cost for you!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Creditors chasing? We can help!

Download a copy of the brochure "Top Tips for Dealing With Creditor Pressure" and understand the options you have as well as practical next steps for dealing with the situation. 



Thank you! Click here to download >>

Creditor pressure brochure

"A great outcome. Very knowledgeable people who provide great guidance. I would highly recommend. The whole process has been much easier than I expected!"


What happens when you contact us?
A good question. We're glad you asked

Some options that might be available in your situation...

Financing / Refinancing

When you want to continue to trade the businss and pay all creditors. Financing can be a good way to deal with short term issues!

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