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de Jonge Read Reviews

We walk next to you, not behind you.

That is one reason why we receive great reviews!

You have been a voice of calm, reason and hope!


May 2019


Hi Terry and Tracey,


I just wanted to take this opportunity to write and say how thankful I am to you both. It really is hard to put in to words how grateful I am that we learned of your service and that we found you both in the midst of the mess we were in.


It has been such a long and complicated process dealing with the three of our parties and the intricacies of each situation. You have both been a voice of calm, reason and hope and ultimately have helped us get out of a situation that I thought would consume/potentially damage us for life. 


We have walked away from that crisis in a situation that is almost miraculous. I appreciate all of the advice, time, effort and hard work you have both shown our families. It really is such a blessing. We were in such a bleak position 18 months ago and had know idea what to do! 


Now, finally we can breathe a sigh of relief and move forward.

It was comforting to know somebody was looking out for my situation who knew the system


March 2019

Hi Nicole


Just letting you know that I was released on the 12 March by the trustee.


I want to thank you for your help in the last three years, it was comforting to know somebody was looking out for my situation who knew the system.


Thanks again. :)

I have come out the other end with a new career


March 2019

Thanks for your understanding, support and coordination Tracey, 


You have been great throughout. Obviously, the whole experience has taken a toll on me and at times I was a pain to you - apologies - but I have come out the other end with a new career and as long as kids are happy and healthy that's all that matters. 

If it wasn’t for de Jonge Read and the support from Cathy and the rest of the team we would not have made it through so strongly.


March 2019

We would like to thank de Jonge Read for all the help and advice in our Company  Liquidation and my personal bankruptcy.


We would especially like to express our gratitude to Cathy Cameron. All through the process, she always managed to lift us up whenever we felt down, with her support and understanding, she put up with our computer hiccups, and mistakes, even our tears.


We really appreciate all she did for us and the way she did it, such a very professional manner, and with such dignity, we believe if it wasn’t for de Jonge Read and the support from Cathy and the rest of the team we would not have made it through so strongly.

I am satisfied with the outcomes of my situation & feel very relieved


February 2019

I have recently had the pleasure of employing the services of de Jonge Read for my personal circumstances. I am satisfied with the outcomes of my situation & feel very relieved. I wish to thank Cathy & Courtney for their on going support, advice & professionalism. 

I recommend the services of de Jonge Read in the highest regard to anyone who is in need.

The absolute feeling of relief, the freedom of not having the financial ball and chains around my neck is immense.


January 2019

Good Afternoon Corey and Tracey,


I hope you both had a lovely weekend.


We did here. It was swelteringly hot both days but we were able to enjoy the air conditioning at our little villa in complete contentment. Yesterday we went and watched the new Dragon Riders movie at the cinema including a choc top ice cream that cost $7.00!! 

It was a really nice weekend and I give thanks to you both because without you it wouldn't have been a possibility.


The absolute feeling of relief, the freedom of not having the financial ball and chains around my neck is immense. 


I knew that it was the right decision to engage de Jonge Read after my first chat with you, Corey. I have found in the past, when I had to deal with my husband's estate, that there was a lot of vague promises of what could be expected. The reality was extremely different in the end. There may have been a tiny bit in me waiting for similar but that never happened. The guidance you provided as to what to expect was honest, the communication exceptional.


Tracey, you went above and beyond in your efforts for me. Knowing that you understood me and some of the challenges that I face and reaching out with ideas and advice - thank you. I really enjoyed our chats too.


So now let me just address some of the things that didn't happen...


You prepped me, and I anticipated a long and drawn out process that would hopefully be resolved by April 2019. However, by the second week of January you had finalised my situation with the bank. We were also expecting to have a significant figure to pay as settlement IF we were able to settle at all. Instead, no financial penalty.  To say that I am ecstatic with the outcome is such a huge understatement. This outcome is beyond my expectations and I am so so grateful to you both for the freedom I can now enjoy. 


On behalf of my son and father also, you have performed something truly life changing for us and we are so excited about our future.


Obviously, I will be referring the amazing de Jonge Read to all.

Your advice allowed both of us to arrive at an outcome with our emotions in control and our lives less shattered


January 2019

Good afternoon, Elaine and Matt.


Thank you for your email advising John and me of the finalisation of your active work for us.


You both have been a wonderful support to us over the past year. Without it, we would not have been able to deal with our situation with anywhere near the clear-sightedness and the appropriate responses which, in hindsight, were so necessary. You gave us straightforward directions and proper professional advice that allowed both of us to arrive at an outcome with our emotions in control and our lives less shattered than anything we might have been able to achieve without your help.


If you think it is suitable, you can use the above as a reference; if you think something else might be more suitable, we'd be happy to provide it.


Our thanks for all your help so far and for your offer to help with matters that might come up. What I am worth, it’s never too late to start again, Thank you once again.

It’s never too late to start again!


October 2018

Hi Elaine,


thank you once again for the professional and friendly service, it has been a degrading experience however I can now move on, get my Licence back and get paid what I am worth, it’s never too late to start again, Thank you once again.

I rang Tracey a few times so stressed and she displayed an extremely calming nature and positive which was very much and appreciated


October 2018

Dear Tracey and Laura


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all the help that you have given to us.  Your professionalism was amazing and you are both very warm and very approachable which took a lot  of the stress we were facing financially and as a family.  


I rang  Tracey a few times so stressed and she displayed an extremely calming nature and positive which was very much and appreciated in times of financial uncertainty.  From the bottom of both our hearts we are extremely grateful for all that you both did for us.


We are forever grateful and are very happy to talk to anyone you may have thinking about using de Jonge Read services.  

Once again thank you so much Tracey and Laura 😊

We are looking forward to the future with new beginnings


September 2018

Dear Graham and Nicole,

Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for you both for looking after us as our business collapsed and went into liquidation, followed by our personal bankruptcy. All of this happening just a couple of weeks after our son had a second suicide attempt which was thankfully, unsuccessful.


It has been a roller coaster of a ride, very emotional and stressful, difficult at the start, and unbelievably surreal at times with everything happening so fast. With your guidance and direction, and with you taking over dealing with things, it had made this devastating experience much easier to bear.


As we now wait for our company to finish going through liquidation and complete our bankruptcy over the next couple of years, we are starting to very slowly rebuild our lives as a family. We can only go up from here, having already hit rock bottom, so we are looking forward to the future with new beginnings.  


Many thanks for your unwavering support and for just being there when we need to ask questions or check in. We will always remember the kindness that you both showed and wish you the very best for the future.


We are happy to recommend you both to anyone and everyone for your services, you are amazing, wonderful people. Many, many thanks from us!

There has never been a moment that I felt alone


September 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company for guidance, support, commitment, decision making and so much more...


I was introduced to Mr Courtney Griffin and Ms Amanda Hankins  just on 18 months ago and their professional help has been my savior!! I would not have been able to cope and deal with the stress around my circumstance without their continual guidance and warm friendly approach...!!


A truly life saving journey... I must say that there has never been a moment that I felt alone, Courtney and Amanda have been there for me every day... They both always know what's going on in my case... Professionally and personally I would like to thank them very much... The respect they show for their client no matter the situation is outstanding... Thank you all!!



(name withheld)

They were always supportive of us!


September 2018

We found ourselves with some difficult decisions to make regarding our Business and where we were headed.

We were recommended to seek advice from de Jonge Read as they specialised in all areas of business.

We both would definitely recommend de Jonge Read to anyone requiring business advice. Our Strategist Courtney Griffin and our Account Manager Lesley McLaughlin were great to deal with and were always supportive of us. 

The advice given and service provided was exceptional. We would never have been able to restructure our business without their help and expertise.

(name withheld)

They have been absolutely incredible


August 2018

Dear Hank..

I would love to take this opportunity to make you aware that I have been dealing with an extremely stressful financial situation over the past 2 years. Both Darren and Susan Morley have been absolutely incredible in coming to an extraordinary resolution which I am very happy with.

They are a great asset to your team.

Warm regards,

(name withheld)

Your competence was most reassuring to me


July 2018

Hi Matt,

Susan closed my file the other day and I would like to take a moment to thank you for what you have done for me.


From day one your competence was most reassuring to me and then working with Susan in her calm unflustered way you both made a brilliant team.


As I have said I could not be more happy with the outcome.


My eternal gratitude and sincerest thanks to you Matt!


(Name withheld)

They stepped into the driver’s seat and guided me the entire way


July 2018

My business and business partnership were in a terrible place, I literally didn't know where to turn and felt like I was slipping into a very deep hole. I was introduced to de Jonge Read by a fellow businessman. 

After meeting Matt I felt an immense relief and deeper understanding not only of our position (as tough as it was to hear), but also how they could assist in this stressful time.

Matt agreed to work with me and introduced me to his amazing Account Manager Kimberley Burke who somehow managed to make me smile every week. 

Together they made what I thought was the impossible to happen. I am scared to think where I would be right now without them. I had to face some tough realities through this process, but they stepped into the driver’s seat and guided me the entire way. 

If you are unsure about your business future or your available options in business i would highly recommend you contact Matt and Kimberley at de Jonge Read. As business owners we have so many options available to us -  thanks to de Jonge Read. 

I will be forever grateful to this dynamic duo.

I can be truly free to rebuild my life


July 2018

Starting my walk now to deliver huge hugs!!!  Thank you so much Laura & Ghada and of course Corey for providing such an amazing service.


Now that we are at that final moment I am sure it will lift my spirits immeasurably once it all sinks in. Believe it or not that despite having the other 25k written off, I still did not have that sense of relief till Bank returned their decision.


It has been a truly pleasurable experience, despite my moments of complete withdrawal during the process.


Now to work on paying off my brother and my parents for their loan to me previously :) and I can be truly free to rebuild my life.


Kind regards & best wishes,

(Name withheld)

You eased my mind through what was a stressful time for myself and my family!


July 2018

Dear Nathan and Elaine, 


After the dust has settled, I wanted to write to sincerely express a huge thank you to you both for guiding me through what was some uncertain times and financial difficulty. I was recommended to contact de Jonge Read by a close friend and am so glad I did. 


You both did such a great job supporting me along the way and eased my mind through what was a stressful time for myself and my family. I value your expertise and financial knowledge but most of all your support and quick response time when I called and emailed with numerous questions and valued your guidance on where to next. 

Very pleased with the outcome and am now sleeping a lot better at night. 


Warm regards,

(Name withheld)

You have honestly given us our lives back!


June 2018

I approached de Jonge Read because a large customer of ours went bankrupt owing us quite a substantial amount, leaving us no option but to close the business.

de Jonge Read were able to lead me in the right direction to get our affairs in order and close the business. It's quite confronting to admit that you have had a business fail but both Ghada & Victoria advised us that the situation was out of our hands and happens to the best business people sometimes.

One thing I really appreciated during the process was their patience & understanding as I went through stages of mild depression and anxiety. 


I sincerely thank both Victoria & Ghada and the staff at de Jonge Read for all your assistance and professionalism. You have honestly given us our lives back!


We highly recommend de Jonge Read to people who need advise in similar situations

(Name withheld)

Their help and guidance has allowed us to breathe again


June 2018

Dear Nathan and Amanda,


My husband and I cannot thank you and the team from de Jonge Read enough. From our first phone call and through every step of our situation Nathan and Amanda were understanding, informative, transparent and patient with us. I have frequently told Nathan 'that their help and guidance has allowed us to breathe again". 


They made what was a highly difficult and anxious time for us an extremely positive experience that has allowed us to move forward and focus on our future. They graciously answered all our questions (in a way we understood), talked through our concerns and were available anytime we had issues arise. The feeling of support we felt and continue to feel is invaluable.


Once again thank you! We highly recommend de Jonge Read to anyone who finds themselves needing financial guidance and who would like to 'breathe again'.

(Name withheld)

de Jonge Read were my expert, they do this day in day out and they level the playing field


June 2018

To Whom It May Concern:


Terry from de Jonge Read negotiated a settlement of an onerous long-term loan.


The team worked through the terms, my asset and cash flow position and prepared a set of financial accounts and forecasts that enabled a win/win situation to be negotiated. They provided support in gathering, collating and analysing all relevant data and introduced a level of expertise and market experience that was key to a successful outcome.


Terry negotiated on my behalf using his expertise to protect me from a direct and immediate interaction. I was insulated from the negotiations and able to respond after proper investigation and consideration. I was not pressured into responses and de Jonge Read pursued a favourable outcome.


The people you are forced to negotiate with are experts, they do this day in day out. de Jonge Read were my expert, they do this day in day out and they level the playing field.

(Name withheld)

They have gone over and above my expectations


May 2018

de Jonge Read, Courtney and Ghada have helped me and have gone over and above my expectations. 


I approached de Jonge Read 12 months ago in my darkest hours when I was having thoughts that I cannot put words to.


I appreciated the help, they explained things simply, so I could comprehend what I needed to do and how to do it.


de Jonge Read mapped a path giving me hope, shinning a light for a possible future.


I thank you all enormously for your patience and understanding.


(Name withheld)

They made this difficult situation manageable with regular updates, support and objective advice.


May 2018

After working hard all my life I found myself in an unfortunate position where property prices in the North West of WA took a massive dive and I was faced with a decision on whether to hang on hoping the market improved or tackle the situation head on. 


I knew that I couldn't do this on my own and sought out professional assistance. This is where de Jonge Read came into the picture.


I wanted to avoid insolvency and although the Team at de Jonge Read couldn't guarantee this, they provided advice based on previous cases and possible realistic outcomes prior to me engaging their services.


This was an extremely stressful situation to be in, but Laura and Ghada made this difficult situation manageable with regular updates, support and objective advice.


Through their networks and expertise in this field a settlement was reached with the bank to allow me to move forward with my life with minimal financial stress.


I could never have imagined the positive outcome achieved by the de Jonge Read team and I am extremely grateful.


If anyone falls into unexpected financial stress (like I did) I would highly recommend you contact de Jonge Read early on to assist with your financial stress.




(Name withheld)

We were not blindsided by anybody or any issue.


May 2018

To Phil Hamenko & Elaine Broughton

As we near the end of my bankruptcy (name withheld) and I would like to express our gratitude for all the help you have given us over the three years, especially in the very emotional and stressful time leading up to and immediately after the bankruptcy. 

We considered saving the money and tackling it ourselves, but I’m so glad we did not as the emotional state we were in makes it difficult to think clearly. 

You came highly recommended to us by our accountant and solicitor and we are so glad we looked past the fee and engaged de Jonge Read to guide us through the minefield that is bankruptcy.


We were especially lucky to have been assigned you Phil, and of course Elaine as well, everything you said would happen did happen and you had a plan to deal with everything as it happened. We were not blindsided by anybody or any issue.

Thanks for making time to see us recently to discuss what to expect out there in the real world post-bankruptcy.  You made us feel confident that we can now move forward with our lives.


(Name withheld)

At first we wondered if we might be able to do everything ourselves and save ourselves your fee...


April 2018

Dear Matt & Susan,


I wanted to write and thank you for all your help in finalising what was a very messy situation.  


At first we wondered if we might be able to do everything ourselves and save ourselves your fee, but after seeing everything you did, and the things you tidied up to protect us before liquidation, we are so grateful that we didn’t.


Your communication along the way was excellent, and I was always able to contact you with questions if needed.  You also worked directly with our Accountants which really helped with the higher level financial issues that I didn’t always understand.


Thank you for your guidance, for protecting our house and other business and for negotiating the best possible outcome in all 3 entities.  You saved us a lot of money and long-term stress!

I would certainly recommend de Jonge Read to anyone in a similar situation.

You have no idea how grateful I am for what you have personally done for me. 


April 2018

Hello Nicole 


I hope you had a good weekend. Sorry, I should have emailed you earlier. 


Yes, I got access to PayPal thanks to you. You have no idea how grateful I am for what you have personally done for me. I feel like I've laid a stack of my problems and issues at your feet and you've just sorted them all out smoothly for me. Without any problems or dramas, seems nothing is a hassle for you. And for all that I am so grateful, it makes everything for me so much easier and stress free. 


Since you took my case under your wing everything has just run smoothly and as you said it would. You always kept me informed and explained how things would go which has helped me heaps. 


Thank you again, I hope to meet and thank you personally one day. 

I'm sure we will be talking again plenty of times over the next few years though. 


Thank you

de Jonge Read have done an amazing job, and they do it with professionalism and class


March 2018 

To whom it may concern, 


de Jonge Read truly deliver on their motto and their vision. The service that I have encountered has been second none, despite the time being a very difficult one. From my experience with Darren and Elaine, who have handled my file, they have not just approached my case with compliance but with relentless commitment. 


When things did not go as planned or if things fell out of the scope of what we agreed, they meticulously worked around the clock to see what they could do for me and would be quick to communicate what options I had and also identifying what the pressing issues were. 


It has not been common in my experience to have an organisation "get" the technical side of business and also the people side of business. de Jonge Read have done an amazing job at both, and they do it with professionalism and class. 


I have been truly honoured and blessed to have de Jonge Read represent me in this trying time. 



(Name withheld)


I really appreciate all you have done for me


March 2018


Good morning Nicole,


Thank you for the work you have done to help me through this process and especially for keeping me informed of what's required and the way it all should flow. I really appreciate all you have done for me in the last few weeks and how smoothly it has flowed. 


Cheers and thanks again,



(Name withheld)


You were with us till the end and I will never forget that


January 2018


Hi Vicki and Hank,


We really couldn’t have navigated these last 5 years without both of you as our guides. There were times where we thought there was no hope.


The way you both have advised on our set of circumstances has always been professional and I always felt safe with you in our corner.


I know we didn’t give you much to work with as our files were put under more and more extreme scrutiny by the trustees, but how many can say they kept the family home after the terrible situation we created under the advice of EAGLE?


You were with us till the end and I will never forget that.

This whole experience has humbled us in many ways, we will rebuild!


We are truly thankful,


Kind Regards,

(Name Withheld)

I cannot thank you enough for your reassurance, calming approach, professional expertise in what I saw as an absolute nightmare!


January 2018


Hello Vicki and Corey,


Happy New Year to you both!


Thanks for the advice regarding wrapping up, I am relieved that 2017 is over and that hopefully I face a less stressful year in regard to dad’s situation. Now that the business and personal financial situation is settled and stable I will focus on winding up any mess with his tax agent, I may come back to you on that if I need to.  The main focus will now be on his health and living situation.


I cannot thank you both and de Jonge Read enough for your reassurance, calming approach, professional expertise and efficiency in what I saw as an absolute nightmare and one I never anticipated being in.  I will certainly write a testimonial for you, I remember the clear relief I experienced when I was waiting in your office the very first time and reading the testimonials and realising that I was not alone in this situation and that I was in the right place for the help I needed.




(Name Withheld)

Unfailingly pleasant, helpful and most importantly supportive.


December 2017


To whom it may concern


Re: de Jonge Read


Whilst going through financial issues and subsequent bankruptcy (through no fault of my own) is no easy thing to do, the process was made incalculably easier by partnering with the team at de Jonge Read. Every single person I dealt with throughout the process was unfailingly pleasant, helpful and most importantly supportive.


I would honestly hate to recommend anyone having to go through similar issues do it alone. Every step was explained patiently (some more than once), and never once was I made to feel stupid or wrong. I felt that I was supported throughout the journey and will continue to be throughout the next 3 years. In particular I would like to thank Cathy Cameron who was incredibly gentle and patient with me, contacted me on many an occasion just to see if I was OK and follow up.  An absolute star and an asset to DJR.


So anyone finding themselves in need of advice on protecting your assets, or assistance with financial issues should definitely contact the team at DJR, don’t try and muddle through it yourself but use their expertise and support to get you through the minefield – it is worth it!


Kind regards,

(Name Witheld)

Even if you are not insolvent, but need some strategy and advice around your path forwards, they can help you immensely


December 2017


I approached de Jonge Read as a recommendation from one of my very close friends who is a well respected solicitor in the corporate field.  I was in a huge spot of trouble, with a business failing and needing to be immediately closed, unfortunately I was on the hook for a few personal guarantees that I could not satisfy.  de Jonge Read really helped me in creating a strategy in exiting myself from the situation as unscathed as possible, mitigating as much liability as possible, and facilitating negotiations to achieve the best outcome for me in the circumstances. 


They really eased my mind in what definitely has been the most challenging time of my life to date.  One thing I really likes about them is how much they genuinely care about my well being and how motivated they are to get the best result for me across all things.  I found the experience calming and relieving in a time of much stress and sleepless nights. 


I recommend de Jonge Read to anyone that runs a business and is in financial difficulty.  Even if you are not insolvent, but need some strategy and advice around your path forwards, they can help you immensely.


Kind Regards,

(Name Withheld)

You always kept me updated


December 2017 

Hi Ghada,


I have not forgotten you, have just been overloaded and in desperate need of a break. (which I will not get till Christmas)


Hard to put things into words during a very traumatic time. What can I say, I have found you and your colleagues.


  1.  Professionals

  2. Courteous

  3. Empathetic

  4. Always kept me updated. (Good Communication)

  5. Negotiated complicated issues, and achieved the desired results.


Note: I have never given a testimonial to anyone, before now.


Thanking you

Feeling a strong sense of Relief!


November 2017 

Dear Matt and Nikki,


I wanted you both to know of my appreciation for your assistance over the past 12plus months during the process of difficult business and personal decisions and life changes.


Engaging de Jonge Read was somewhat of a  “lifebouy” for me personally, providing me with the planning and the confidence to delegate the execution of the exit plan. The outcome was successful and appropriate.


You are both to be congratulated for the thorough guidance and the professional execution and closure of associated matters on my behalf.


PS: Have moved on feeling a strong sense of relief ...

thank you.

It has been tough but we got through it


November 2017 

Hi Nicole, 


Thank you very much for your kind thoughts. (name withheld) and I appreciate this very much. We also appreciate all your assistance and support over the last few years, it has been tough but we got through it and thanks to your expertise, knowledge, invaluable assistance and sympathy it made such a beneficial and positive difference regarding it all.


Once again, many thanks. 

Our financial future is much brighter


October 2017 

Dear Ghada,

Thank you so much for all your help to get us back on track.

We approached de Jonge Read on advice from our accountant, because we were facing the very real possibility we would be forced to go bankrupt.

Jelena helped us by sorting through our finances and putting together a realistic proposal to get our debts paid off without losing all our assets.

We were able to reach an agreement, and now we can see our financial future is much brighter.

One thing I liked was their friendly approach, and the weekly calls helped keep me on track even when I wasn’t the most pleasant client, Ghada was always sympathetic without judging.

We are very pleased with the outcome, and we would recommend de Jonge Read to people who need financial help.

Thanks again!

Thank you for being there for follow up support


October 2017 

To Susan and staff at de Jonge Read, 

I would like to personally thank you for making a very difficult time in my life a lot less stressful and also being there for follow up support anytime it is needed.  

After realizing my only choice was bankruptcy, Susan and the team were professional, compassionate and supportive through the whole process and continue to be available at a moments notice if required. I was walked through the process so that I felt comfortable and understood the reasons behind each decision made and the step by step process was not daunting, which is what I thought it would be. 

I would highly recommend de Jonge Read to handle any financial issues that require attention. 

Thanks again!

We had a partner that was working towards our best interest


September 2017

Thank you Nicole and Darren,


Really appreciate the confirmation and the assistance throughout this whole process.  As difficult as it has been, your guidance and management of the processes gave us great comfort and confidence that we had a partner that was working toward our best interest and had the impartial view of the paths ahead to provide level guidance.


You always presented a very real view of the options ahead.


To say we are happy about the outcome is understating the reality enormously. Given where we started, this is the best we could have allowed ourselves to hope for.


Thank you again for all your help. 


Your confidence and expertise were a life line through very challenging times


August 2017


Dear Phil and Elaine,


I want to express my deep gratitude for your support and help through a very difficult period of my life.


No one expects to have their home on the line, but that is what happened to me with a very aggressive creditor on my back due to unforseen circumstances. From the first consultation with de Jonge Read, Phil was able to clearly and calmly predict the way through and everything unfolded as you expected it to.


Through many sleepless nights your words of reassurance were all I had to be able to keep going! When things took longer than we expected your persistence and continued efforts on my behalf meant so much. 


My case was complex and Elaine was incredible at keeping track of all the details, and making sure I had dotted every i and crossed every t. 


You are a great team, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone facing insurmountable debt. Your experience, confidence and expertise are a life line through very challenging times. The cost of your services is probably the best money I have invested for many years!


Warm Regards

Better than expected outcome


July 2017

Hi Phil,

This week I received notification from ASIC that the (name withheld) group of companies had been successfully deregistered.

This brings to conclusion the unfortunate circumstances that (name withheld) found themselves in after failure of a large client to meet their commitment to the company.

When we found ourselves in an impossible situation, we were advised by our accountants to seek the services of de Jonge Read to assist us to form an exit strategy.

Phil Hamenko of de Jonge Read, formed a strategy that allowed us to manage our creditors and repay staff entitlements.

The company was then put into liquidation and is now finally de-registered by ASIC.

Whilst being a rather daunting experience, without the expert assistance of the team from de Jonge Read, we would have been in a much worse situation and have had a more devastating outcome.

We therefore wish to thank Phil and the rest of the team for a great strategy, expertly and swiftly implemented, with minimum stress for directors, to thus provide a better than expected outcome.

I was able to concentrate on getting my life sorted


June 2017



I'm writing to explain my experience at de Jonge Read and how they successfully met my needs in helping me close my business. 


I found my dealings with Susan and Terry very helpful and easy communicating from the start to finish. 

They helped me with all inquiries I had and went beyond explaining all details in the liquidation process. 


The whole liquidation period was done quickly and stress free with all communication done via the phone which left me time to concentrate on getting my life sorted. 


I'm truly thankful to Susan, Terry and all other parties at de Jonge Read for helping me get my business life and for that matter my personal life back on track. 


We saved ourselves thousands of dollars


June 2017

Late last year we finally acknowledged that we were in financial strife, but had no idea how to deal with it. We were eventually referred to de Jonge Read after a lot of phoning around.

After several chats with Matt, we decided on a budget plan because finance was at a premium. Matt explained our predicament in full along with our options and then put it in writing with what he and Susan were to do.


Several months later we are back on track, with no more debts, no more phone calls. With your advice we saved ourselves thousands of dollars we would otherwise have lost.

We are very happy with your work and professionalism. You actually did more than you were contracted to do. Thanks guys!

I was relieved that you were able to take the lead


May 2017

Hello Susan,

I would like to thanks both yourself and Phil for your recent assistance with my company going into receivership.


At a time when I needed clear guidance and support I was able to avail myself of your services. I was relieved that you were able to take the lead and guide me through the process and deal with the details needed to secure a successful outcome.


I consider you both to be consummate professionals in your approach, customer support and knowledge.


Whole process was made a lot easier for us


March 2017

Dear Sirs,

I would like to express my gratitude for the outstanding work de Jonge Read completed for (name witheld) Pty Ltd. 

After a bad business decision going into business with a partner and having him decide to take over the company running the business into the ground, not pay our debtors, and leaving the country without closing the business. 

I would like to personally thank Matt Flowers, Susan Morling, and their team on all the hard work you put into our case. Everyone did a magnificent job and made the whole process a lot easier for us during these stressful times. 

Once again, thank you. 

Darren walked next to me through the whole process!


February 2017

When our Business of 15 years started losing money, we remained hopeful that the losses would be recoverable. When that didn’t happen, we spent some more time in denial. With the stress of worrying that we couldn’t possibly pay the bills combined with the sleepless nights we came to the realization that we were too far gone to be able to recoup. This was a bitter pill for us to swallow.

We met with our Accountant who advised us to speak to a Liquidation/Bankruptcy Company. It was with trepidation that we first met with strategist Darren, and Account Manager Vicki from de Jonge Read. We had no idea what to expect.

At our first meeting, Darren spoke to us of his past and present experiences. He was knowledgeable and inspired confidence in us that we would be able to implement a plan and see it through together. One of de Jonge Read slogans, say “We walk next to you, not behind you”. This was spot on. 

Every phone call, e-mail and text was answered and our queries solved. Darren and Vicki’s negotiation skills when dealing on our behalf were great. We would not have been able to do this on our own. Throughout the whole process they remained Committed and professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone that finds themselves in a situation like ours.

I got my life back!

January 2017

A couple of years ago it felt as though life was spiralling uncontrollably into the abyss, every corner was dark.

After countless meetings with so called professionals at our bank who tried to help us to resolve the financial troubles we were experiencing with no success, our accountant recommended contacting de Jonge Read.


The first point of contact was with Darren Addison and within an instant all the stomach churning, tight chest and constant headaches disappeared. Darren explained things in laymen turns you could understand. Darren’s simple words were: “you get on with your life I’ll take care of the rest.”


When you think all professionals don’t care for the little guy a man like Darren Addison rekindles your faith so thank you from the bottom of my heart de Jonge Read and especially Darren Addison for giving my life back.

The weekly catch ups went a long way to reassure me that progress was being made and there was indeed light at the end of the tunnel.
November 2016 



I would like to take this opportunity to thank de Jonge Read, and in particular my Strategist, Phil Hamenko and Account Manager, Elaine Broughton, for their assistance with my recent circumstances.

My business was struggling, through circumstances beyond my control, to make ends meet with outgoings exceeding income and credit cards being used extensively to make up the difference. Finally, my situation got to the point where, in discussions with my solicitor, I was referred to Phil Hamenko at de Jonge Read.


After contacting Phil and outlining my situation, Phil confirmed that he, and the de Jonge Read team, were well placed to assist me to achieve an acceptable outcome. From Phil’s past experience (in my particular industry) he knew exactly what my predicament was and outlined the actions that would be required to alleviate the situation. Phil identified that the main issue to be resolved was with my financier and devised an action plan to approach the financier, and to also to provide the level of support, negotiation skills and expertise that would be required to achieve the desired outcome for me.

When undertaking dealings with any bank these days there is no doubt that to have an experienced negotiator acting on your behalf is an absolute necessity.

The weekly catch ups with Phil & Elaine were comprehensive and went a long way to reassure me that progress was being made and there was indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

Successful negotiations with the bank have now been completed and the issue was resolved as outlined in Phil’s action plan.

Many, many, thanks to the team, and I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of de Jonge Read to anyone who might find themselves in difficult situations like mine.

They saved us the amount they charged us in total in just one negotiation with the bank.
September 2016 

Hi Matt,

Sorry this has taken me so long to write. I cannot thank you guys enough for what you have done for us. I thank God daily for the work you did for us and the negotiations you did that placed us in the positive position we are now in. 

We had been in a very difficult situation with a big banking company due to some extenuating circumstances. We were introduced to de Jonge Read by our Accountants.  de Jonge Read gave us a comprehensive quote to handle our case. 

It seemed like a large amount at the time but we agreed to the conditions and proceeded. It was the best decision we could have made. They saved us the amount they charged us in total in just one negotiation with the bank.

They stood between us and the bank and made the whole situation far less stressful. I would recommend de Jonge Read and Matt Flowers to anyone in a similar situation. I cannot thank them enough for the personal effort that they gave us in a time of extreme stress. Our lives are now facing a positive perspective due to de Jonge Read & Matt Flowers’ input.

I will never forget the comforting weekly catch ups where you would try to settle my troubled soul and patiently help me to understand the latest developments. I know this was a business relationship, but helping people like us in these situations is very personal. Our whole world is very different now due to your effort and input.


Thank God for Matt Flowers!

At no time did we feel alone in our time of crisis
August 2016 

TO:    de Jong Read Specialist Business Consultants

After running a business successfully for almost 30 years, we found ourselves facing the hard economic reality that we were going to have to close our business.

This was a terrifying thought, and we had no idea how to start the process, or how to cope with all the inherent problems of immediate closure.

Luckily for us, we were advised to contact de Jonge Read, in particular Phil Hamenko, to assist us through the process. We can never speak highly enough of the service and professionalism of all the staff at de Jonge Read, however our highest praise and heartfelt thanks belongs to Phil (our Strategist) and Elaine (our Account Manager).   They were outstanding.

It wasn’t just the professional advice they supplied, which one would expect from a firm of de Jonge Read’s reputation, but the personal support that helped us through an emotionally devastating time.

At no time did we feel alone in our time of crisis.  Phil’s pep talks kept us sane and confident that we would be able to finalise our business successfully.

Thank you de Jong Read, especially Phil and Elaine, for you wonderful support and expertise during a very trying time.

You helped us to pull thru this very stressful and scary period of our lives.
July 2016 

Dear Team at de Jonge Read,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Team from de Jonge Read for handling our company’s liquidation and consequent bankruptcies’ in such a caring and professional manner.

We have been in (name withheld) business for over 40 years and have seen several periods of highs and lows, but always kept positive and our heads above water. We have given employment to hundreds of workers over the years, some of which worked 10, 15 and 20 years with us and we always paid creditors in time.

Some two years ago we started to experience a downturn in trade and things where getting from bad to worse. We fell behind with paying accounts and started to borrowing more and more funds, which lead us to sell assets and then finally our principal home. I started to ignore phone calls from creditors, was unable to sleep anymore and became unwell due to severe financial stress.

I could not see a way out of our situation and did not know where to turn for help. A close friend gave me the contact details of de Jonge Read and a meeting with the team at de Jonge Read quickly established which road to take.

Uncountable numbers of Creditors letters of demands, final notices to pay, threats of legal actions etc where swiftly handled by de Jonge Read and with each day passing the nasty phone calls and warning letters reduced and after a few weeks stopped altogether.

We can breathe again, stop being terrified, begin a new chapter of our lives and the health is returning back to normal.

You were in touch with me on daily basis and helped us to pull thru this very stressful and scary period of our lives.

My mind was put at ease immediately
July 2016 

Good Morning Phil and Tahnee,


Thank you for all your assistance to get through what would have been an on-going stressful time and mine field of confusion if it wasn't for you.  When the pending doom of bankruptcy was going to be no other option for me I really didn't know where to start or even really know where to turn for help.

A friend recommended de Jonge Read to me and I made the call and it was returned promptly by Phil who put my mind at ease immediately.  Things finally started to happen quickly and all the pain was taken away, everything was explained in simple terms and said with compassion.  Thank you for the tissue box when I cried and thank you for your patience in answering my endless questions.  

The paperwork process was made really easy with Tahnee who was fantastic with following up and keeping me on track to get it to her for the bankruptcy file.  I am now in bankruptcy without any problems.


Can't say enough and I give these guys a big thumb up.  Couldn't have made it through without them.

Nothing but top notch advises
July 2016 

Hi Vicki,


Please pass on my thanks to everyone that has assisted me from the beginning of this bankruptcy and keeping me informed and up to date on everything that went on during this process.


The assistance, help and guidance was very much appreciated in a trying time and everyone at de Jonge Read was helpful and understanding of the situation and provided nothing but top notch advises throughout the process.


Thanks again for all the help.

I would have no hesitation in recommending
June 2016 

Elaine and Terry!!!!
Thank you!!!!
I mean this in the nicest possible way - I hope I'm never in your office again! 
The last few months have been so incredibly crappy - in many ways, shop fitting out, moving and this but thank you so much for joining (name withheld), and really helping me through a hard time, you have both been so brilliant. If I ever hear of anyone in a pickle like I was I'd have no hesitation in recommending.  
Terry - I felt like you lived through the shop fit-out!  Thank you!!!

Right from the beginning the steps toward a smarter approach were paved for me to take


April 2016 

To Whom it May Concern,

My business suffered at the hands of an aggressive and litigious creditor who severely impacted upon the demise of my business. I fought for over 18 months, but reluctantly had to decide our business fate and enter into liquidation and personal bankruptcy. 

The team from de Jonge Read (DJR) helped me deal with the incredible pain and arduous steps required to properly deal with liquidation and bankruptcy. 

Right from the beginning, the strategy was outlined and the steps toward a smarter approach were paved for me to take. With hard decisions in front of me, the best choice I made was to engage the services of DJR. 

I highly recommend this company; and, I will always reflect on the support and guidance I received throughout the darkest time of my business life. You helped me to retain dignity and I will be forever thankful. 

Vicki and Phil, I sincerely appreciate everything that you have done for me and for my family. 

Thank you.

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