On-Site Training

Tools to help you support your client

Book a On-Site Training Training and upskill your team!

Looking for ways to broaden your employees’ knowledge and gain CPD points at the same time? Our complimentary onsite training is designed to help you add value to your client relationships. In times of trouble, clients will often turn to their accountants, solicitors and other professional advisers for help. Our On-Site Training series will help you and your colleagues identify key business risk areas and understand the specialist services that are available.

We work through different scenarios in our popular case study format packed with valuable take homes. On-Site Training training demonstrates how strategies can be developed to meet the specific needs of your clients. Our popular topics include:

  • Masterclass

    When a client is in financial trouble, what can be done?

    In our experience, acting swiftly can improve the outcome substantially. Sometimes in order to achieve the best result for your client, personal or corporate insolvencies may be required.
    Learn how to identify the options available and develop the right strategy to obtain the best result possible.

  • Asset protection - what goes wrong and how to fix it?

    In the event of insolvency, company directors can take steps to better position themselves and avoid long term ramifications for their personal financial situation. With the take homes from this presentation your team can add substantial value to your clients.

  • Business exits - options for your clients

    There are many ways to exit a business. Learn how to recognise which is the best option available for your client.