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Our Business Consultants Sydney can help with a wide range of financial services

When facing financial difficulties, it is important to get comprehensive advice that is practical enough to act on.

Everything from small business debt restructuring, business restructures, creditor negotiations, liquidation, voluntary administrations to personal asset protection and bankruptcy – we can help you navigate the minefield of insolvency to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

How it Works

If you are considering a Business restructure, de Jonge Read will review your situation carefully. We consider both business and personal aspects.

We then prepare a written recommendation on how to achieve the best outcome possible in your unique situation. We do this at no initial cost to you!

  • 1 Schedule a no-fee consultation with one of our strategists
  • 2 A no-obligation tailored strategy is prepared to suit your individual circumstances
  • 3 Once signed up, you’ll have the Brisbane & Gold Coast Strategic Team to look after you. Our team is here to hold your hand throughout the process

Our Sydney Team

  • James Leslie-Watt


    James Leslie-Watt


    James is a corporate advisor and finance professional with an MBA and post graduate qualifications in finance, accounting, and law. James has more than 14 years’ experience in advising and managing all types of formal and informal personal and corporate insolvency administrations and turnaround engagements.

    During this time James has held a senior role at General Electric and director roles for a leading commercial finance firm and a management consulting group. James’s technical knowledge of insolvency along with his commercial, financial, project and people management skills enables him to solve complex insolvency and business-related problems and design market leading strategies.

  • Paniz Vatankhah


    Paniz Vatankhah


    Paniz has over six years experience in business consulting and managing high net worth foreign investors. She has successfully negotiated with state governments across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia to secure endorsements for entrepreneurs.

    Her analytical mind and her technical skills help her assess complexities of different situations and develop the appropriate strategy around them.

  • Matthew Loughnan


    Matthew Loughnan


    Matthew has over 20 years of experience in business management across corporates, small business and startups in debt and equity finance, stockbroking, and as a management consultant.

    He holds post graduate qualification in corporate finance, is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Member of AICD. Matthew sits on several boards and has been a Responsible Executive and KMP for listed and private companies which gives him keen insights into Director obligations and solving complex business problems.