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Our team is fortunate enough to have done it all. At de Jonge read, our professional staff include insolvency professionals, accounts and senior business bankers. We have extensive expertise coupled with a highly specialised skill set. The most important thing is that we care!

  • Directors

    • Hank de Jonge

      Executive Director

      Hank de Jonge

      Executive Director


      Hank has had an extensive and varied business career. As well as holding a senior management position in a Top 100 company, in a previous role Hank also bought and sold numerous businesses in a wide range of industries. This experience has given Hank unique insight into business and finance matters generally, and project management skills that are second to none.

      Due to his life experience, Hank is mindful of the immense personal distress business owners go through when a business falls into financial difficulty. After establishing de Jonge Read in 2006 Hank has been passionate about delivering comprehensive advice for individuals and company directors experiencing financial distress. His high level of empathy and excellent project management skills make Hank ideally placed to assist clients through difficult times. He always strives to achieve the best possible outcome for clients and key stakeholders when navigating the insolvency framework.

      Hank’s genuine care, clear communication and straightforward advise has guided thousands of business owners in the most effective way possible through restructuring, asset protection and insolvency strategies.

      Hank is a Certified Turnaround Analyst (CTA).


    • Ashley Shield

      Executive Director

      Ashley Shield

      Executive Director

      Having been the principal of his own Accountancy firm Ashley has a strong background in taxation and business services accounting. Ashley has a passion for assisting company directors through the insolvency framework.

      His deep understanding of the pressures of business ownership has placed him well since joining de Jonge Read. He is keenly focused around finding solutions and extremely driven to assist clients through insolvency situations. Ashley became a partner in the firm in 2014 and currently oversees the de Jonge Read team in Melbourne.

  • Strategists

    • Jack Morgan


      Jack Morgan


    • Terry Finn


      Terry Finn


      Terry has more than 30 years’ experience in advising clients and managing all types of personal and corporate insolvency administrations.

      His intricate knowledge of insolvency, in both a technical and a practical sense, enables him to solve insolvency-related problems and guide clients through the confusing and stressful maze of financial distress in a caring and controlled manner.

    • Sophie Zapantis


      Sophie Zapantis


      Sophie is a CPA with extensive experience, at senior levels, in both banking and insolvency. This background, coupled with her excellent financial analysis enables Sophie to develop outstanding strategies for her clients.

      Sophie can effectively liaise and negotiate with a number of stakeholders to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes. You want to have Sophie in your corner when negotiating with banks or creditors!

    • Corey Cole


      Corey Cole


      Corey is a CA who has more than 20 years’ experience in advising and managing all types of formal and informal personal and corporate insolvency administrations and turnaround engagements.

      During this time Corey has held a quality assurance role for an international insolvency firm. Corey’s technical knowledge of insolvency along with his commercial, project and people management skills enables him to solve complex insolvency and business related problems and design market leading strategies.

    • Cassie Skreblin


      Cassie Skreblin


      Cassie comes from an extensive finance and insurance background. Within the finance industry, Cassie gained vast experience in commercial finance and SMSF lending, as well as multi-property portfolio structuring.

      Cassie’s negotiation skills are second to none and her exceptional problem-solving skills coupled with impressive financial analysis skills enable her to understand complex financial situation. With a Bachelor of Accounting, Cassie has the knowledge and technical skills to compliment her client focus and enable her to design market leading strategies.

      Cassie is passionate about achieving the best outcomes for her clients and helping them to achieve financial stability.

    • Vees Naicker


      Vees Naicker


      Vees is an experienced professional with a robust background of more than a decade in both corporate and personal insolvency. Having contributed significantly to a diverse insolvency regime, Vees has gained vast experience in navigating complex financial challenges, implementing strategic solutions, and safeguarding stakeholders’ interests.

      This vast background allows Vees to analyze distressing and challenging situations and developing recovery plans whilst ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

      Vees is committed to mitigating financial risks and maximizing value for clients in times of financial distress.

    • James Leslie-Watt


      James Leslie-Watt


      James is a corporate advisor and finance professional with an MBA and post graduate qualifications in finance, accounting, and law. James has more than 14 years’ experience in advising and managing all types of formal and informal personal and corporate insolvency administrations and turnaround engagements.

      During this time James has held a senior role at General Electric and director roles for a leading commercial finance firm and a management consulting group. James’s technical knowledge of insolvency along with his commercial, financial, project and people management skills enables him to solve complex insolvency and business-related problems and design market leading strategies.

    • Amber Steele


      Amber Steele


      Amber is a seasoned professional with a comprehensive background in small business management, showcasing a deep understanding of a diverse array of organisational duties and responsibilities. Armed with a Bachelor of Criminology, her academic foundation equips her with the adept application of legal concepts and relevant precedents crucial for success in her field.

      Amber has a wealth of experience in project managing insolvency strategies. Her expertise extends to guiding clients through challenging circumstances and administering personal and corporate strategies with a track record of successful outcomes. Amber’s commitment to excellence is evident in her dedication to achieving optimal results for her clients, a quality that aligns seamlessly with the firm’s core values.

      Amber exemplifies the firm’s core values in every aspect of her work, ensuring a steadfast commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and client satisfaction.

    • Paniz Vatankhah


      Paniz Vatankhah


      Paniz has over six years experience in business consulting and managing high net worth foreign investors. She has successfully negotiated with state governments across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia to secure endorsements for entrepreneurs.

      Her analytical mind and her technical skills help her assess complexities of different situations and develop the appropriate strategy around them.

    • Matthew Loughnan


      Matthew Loughnan


      Matthew has over 20 years of experience in business management across corporates, small business and startups in debt and equity finance, stockbroking, and as a management consultant.

      He holds post graduate qualification in corporate finance, is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Member of AICD. Matthew sits on several boards and has been a Responsible Executive and KMP for listed and private companies which gives him keen insights into Director obligations and solving complex business problems.

    • Darren Addison


      Darren Addison


      Darren is a true all-rounder in all matters concerning banking and finance. Before his successful career in the insolvency industry, he worked for a major Australian bank as a Senior Business Banking Manager for over 20 years.

      Within the banking industry Darren gained vast expertise in new business start-ups, impaired asset management, creditor approvals and business recoveries. This impressive background allows Darren to give insightful advice and strategize the different options available when clients face financial difficulty.

  • Partnership Executives

    • Dallon London

      State Manager

      Dallon London

      State Manager

      Dallon’s executive career spans multiple countries and industries focussed on helping and enabling clients to achieve their best outcomes. He has led commercial and operational teams in businesses ranging from technology start-ups to corporations with an annual turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars.

      With tertiary qualifications in Science, Change Management, and an MBA (Finance & Marketing), Dallon is able to understand, interpret and cut through the technical jargon to simplify complex problems and communicate what really matters.

      Dallon is passionate about the impact that expert advice and empathy have on guiding and supporting clients through challenging business and personal circumstances.

    • Adam Lomsargis

      Partnership Executive

      Adam Lomsargis

      Partnership Executive

      Adam has 20 years experience in financial services across a broad range of sectors, including personal finance, capital markets and financial planning. He has also worked in compliance and bank guarantees.

      In more recent years, Adam has been creating the best strategies for business owners to protect and grow their wealth.

      Adam is particularly passionate about assisting company directors in financial distress. Adam sees his role as one of educating and connecting people to better strategies that improve their financial circumstances and get them back on track so they can focus on what they do best and grow their business.

      He is also a keen sports fan, though he prefers to stay active and play sports rather than watch them in a stadium or on TV.

    • Kate Hulsman

      Partnership Executive

      Kate Hulsman

      Partnership Executive

      Kate is passionate about helping company directors and individuals in financial distress find the best solution.

      With over 16 years experience in all areas of Business Recovery and Corporate Insolvency, Kate has the knowledge and expertise which allows her to understand the issues that accountants and other business advisors often experience with their client files.

      Strong communication skills and technical knowledge have ensured that Kate is the go-to person for a wide network of accountants! Kate will always make room in her busy schedule for one more coffee catch-up!

      Outsides work Kate enjoys spending time with her family and plays an active role in supporting a charity that she has a deep personal connection with.

    • Paul Young

      Partnership Executive

      Paul Young

      Partnership Executive

      Paul has a strong focus on assisting company directors and individuals through financial difficulties when they occur.

      He has over 25 years of Banking Finance and Insurance experience largely attained in the New Zealand markets. He has also owned and operated a few businesses which has provided unique and varied insights into business operations.

      Paul has strong communication and a genuine interest in his clients. His goal is to help achieve a positive outcome for the client and all stakeholders.

      Outside work, Paul loves to spend time with his family, with life revolving around his son’s sports as well as trying to exhaust their Dalmatian dog at the beach.

      If you have a client who is facing financial difficulties and want to have a chat, Paul is happy to make himself available.

  • Operations Team

    • Jelena Hahn

      Operations Manager

      Jelena Hahn

      Operations Manager

      Jelena is a CPA with extensive experience in accounting, banking & finance, and business management services. She has had a number of roles in her career including HR Manager and Business Banking Manager for a major Australian bank, Partner and Practice Manager in two accounting firms, managed a successful allied health practice as well as her own business providing consulting services to small and medium businesses.

      Jelena has also previously worked as a Strategist with de Jonge Read. With an extensive experience as a Strategist, Jelena is highly skilled at both the development and implementation of strategies designed to achieve the best possible outcome for clients. As the leader of our team of Strategy Support Officers, Jelena is passionate about helping our team grow and develop to ensure we provide the highest level of service possible for our clients.

    • Laura Williams

      Assistant Operations Manager

      Laura Williams

      Assistant Operations Manager

      Laura has an extensive background in administration and customer service. Her practical experience is expanded by a Bachelor of Business qualification.

      Laura has been working in pre-insolvency since 2019 and her favourite part of the job is seeing people’s lives improve from skilfully implemented strategies.

      In her spare time she is an avid sports fan and plays representative netball.

    • Farha Khan

      Strategy Support Officer

      Farha Khan

      Strategy Support Officer

      Farha has broad skillset and knowledge in administering personal bankruptcies. Her bankruptcy experience is gained from working with the Australian Financial Security Authority. She has also gained extensive knowledge in forensic investigations and risk consulting from working overseas in the United Arab Emirates.

      Farha is a specialist in negotiations on behalf of de Jonge Read clients. With her local and international work experience and her exceptional skills, Farha manages the often complex process of pre-insolvency with ease. Farha is passionate about achieving the best outcome possible for her clients and wishes to see them overcome any hardship.

      Farha enjoys travelling and spending time outdoors with her family.

    • Vicki Armfield

      Strategy Support Officer

      Vicki Armfield

      Strategy Support Officer

      Vicki has been with de Jonge Read since 2009 and during that time she has been able to assist hundreds of clients. Vicki has a strong compassion for her clients and she understands the pressures that clients face when dealing with financial difficulties. Vicki loves to see her clients achieving the best possible outcome.

      When not at work, Vicki’s time is spent with her beautiful daughter.

    • Reanna Hogg

      Strategy Support Officer

      Reanna Hogg

      Strategy Support Officer

      Kia ora

      Reanna has recently joined the de Jonge Read team in August 2023 after making the big move from New Zealand.

      She has worked in various Administration and Customer Service roles and has a strong passion for helping others. Reanna embodies and loves to celebrate her Māori culture and has previously worked in an Indigenous Land Court.

      Reanna has a Diploma in Business and is always open to gaining new knowledge and increasing her professional and personal skillsets.

      Outside of work, Reanna loves to go to the beach, watch sports and spend time with her Whanau (family).

    • Sharnna Brose

      Strategy Support Officer

      Sharnna Brose

      Strategy Support Officer

      Sharnna has an extensive background in customer service roles, having worked in a retail pharmacy. This experience in dealing with clients has helped Sharnna grow her understanding of her customers at a personal level. Working in a dynamic environment also instilled the importance of attention to detail and proper time management. With her strong people skills and broad customer service experience Sharnna is ideally placed to assist our clients through difficult times.

      Sharnna also has a broad knowledge on general business affairs having competed in business competitions for both the University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology.

      Outside of work Sharnna has a keen interest in digital media marketing applications and is currently undertaking degrees in Film and Television and Information Technology.

    • Lorrell Hayek

      Strategy Support Officer

      Lorrell Hayek

      Strategy Support Officer

      Lorrell has an extensive background in administrative roles. A good team player, Lorrell has worked in customer service and co-ordinator roles within both corporate and small business entities. This diverse range of experience means she understands the different pressures placed on business owners and how stressful this can be. Lorrell’s solid commitment, positive attitude, and willingness to help others allows her to excel in the Strategy Support Officer role.

      Outside of work, Lorrell enjoys spending time with her family and plotting around in her vegetable gardens.

    • Susan Morling

      Strategy Support Officer

      Susan Morling

      Strategy Support Officer

      Susan has a very broad experience covering Banking, Credit Control, Project management, problem-solving, and Systems administration.

      Susan has been with de Jonge Read since 2016 and revels in the challenge of problem-solving for her clients.

      Susan is very empathetic towards her clients and understands well how to guide clients through the difficult situations they find themselves in.

      Her commonsense and flexible approach to problem-solving combined with her ability to think outside the box has achieved many successful outcomes for her clients in all manner of negotiations.

      Outside of work, Susan is involved in fundraising for Charity and volunteering as well as being an avid gardener.

  • Administration & Compliance

    • Adele Turnbull

      Administration Manager

      Adele Turnbull

      Administration Manager

      Adele has a comprehensive background in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors specialising in Administration and Finance. With certificates in accounting, bookkeeping & business management and a diploma in Training, Design & Development,

      Adele brings a great blend of skills and experience. She is passionate about seeing those around her thriving.

      Outside of work, Adele enjoys coffee with friends and relaxing with her children and grandchildren.

    • Jasmin Wallace

      Administration & Marketing / Events Support Officer

      Jasmin Wallace

      Administration & Marketing / Events Support Officer

      Jasmin has been in Management, Recruitment, Events & Administration roles in various industries for all of her working career.

      She has a Diploma in Business and is incredibly well-rounded & versatile in her skillsets. She is always looking for new challenges or opportunities to broaden her knowledge.

      Outside of work, she loves spending quality time with her family, step-children, friends, and her 2 fur babies.

      Fun facts:

      • Jasmin represented Australia in an international basketball competition against America at the age of 18.
      • She once flew a plane during her time in the Air Force Cadets.
    • Angelie Balaro

      Bookkeeper & Payroll Admin

      Angelie Balaro

      Bookkeeper & Payroll Admin

      Angelie has over 8 years of accounting experience handling general accounts, cash flows, balance sheet reviews and bank reconciliation. With a strong sense of urgency and accountability, she goes the extra mile to ensure work is done in a timely and organized manner. Being collaborative and a team player, she works closely with other colleagues to ensure that clients are provided with the highest level of service.

      On her free days, Angelie loves to travel and adventure, from trekking and camping and going to the beach to overseas travel where she loves to immerse herself in the local culture and lifestyle.

    • John Palermo

      Compliance Manager

      John Palermo

      Compliance Manager

      John has more than 30 years of experience as a lawyer.

      He has practised in several jurisdictions and across different industries. From a background of being a partner in a major Brisbane law firm to the General Counsel of a mining services and engineering company, John developed a strong foundation in commercial law and litigation. This expertise and commercial experience enable him to see the big picture without losing sight of the detail.

      John brings this skill set and experience to the role of Compliance Manager and is committed to ensuring that our strategies are always legal and appropriate and will achieve the best outcome for the client in their unique circumstances.

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