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Comprehensive Business Advice Tailored to Your Specific Needs

When facing financial difficulties, it is important to get comprehensive advice that is practical enough to act on. de Jonge Read is passionate about assisting company directors and individuals through difficult financial situations. We work with you to identify which insolvency strategy will enable you to achieve the best possible outcome. Everything from small business restructuring, business restructures, creditor negotiations, liquidation, voluntary administration to personal asset protection and bankruptcy – we can help you navigate the complex minefield of insolvency to gain control and obtain your best outcome possible. However, the key to achieving those outcomes is about more than strategy alone – it requires our specialised expertise in implementation and execution to deliver proven results for our clients.

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Why de Jonge Read before Insolvency Practitioners

At de Jonge Read, we believe in putting our clients’ best interests first. Unlike Insolvency Practitioners who focus primarily on achieving the best results for creditors, such as banks, we provide a unique approach. Our emphasis is on PRE-Insolvency, offering proactive solutions to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. By taking early action and providing strategic guidance, we aim to safeguard our client’s interests and help them navigate through financial challenges with their personal goals in mind. Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalised support and tailored strategies that prioritise our client’s financial well-being.

Insolvency Practitioners

  • Primarily serve the interests of creditors
  • Focus solely on legal and financial aspects
  • Typically engage in formal insolvency processes and proceedings
  • Can pursue action against the company director for their actions

The de Jonge Read Difference

  • Prioritise and protect our client's personal interests to get the best result for all stakeholders
  • Strategic guidance enables early action and more control of difficult situations
  • Identify the best option(s) to achieve the client's goals - formal involvency or not
  • Empower clients with knowledge to make informed decisions to manage risks

See How We Help

  • Sharon Pullen (Accountant)

    “De Jonge Read were fantastic, they offer alternatives, which I as an accountant are just not skilled enough to do”

  • Trish Hale (Accountant)

    “The experience I have had with de Jonge Read and what they can do to help you, is nothing short of amazing”

  • Company Liquidation

    • Business Restructuring

      Business Restructuring

      Tailored Strategies to Revitalise and Realign Your Business

    • Controlled Exit

      Controlled Exit

      Guidance for Smooth and Controlled Business Exits

  • Voluntary Administration

    • Debt Restructure & DOCA


      Negotiating Debt Solutions and Deed of Company Arrangement

  • Personal Insolvency

    • Personal Bankruptcy

      Personal Bankruptcy

      Compassionate Support and Guidance for Individuals

    • Part IX & Part X Debt Agreement

      Part IX & X Debt Agreement

      Navigating the process and understanding the implications

  • Other Options to Consider

    • Informal Negotiations

      Informal Negotiations

      Exploring Informal Solutions to Avoid Formal Insolvency

    • Asset Protection Strategies

      Asset Protection Strategies

      Preserving and Protecting Your Assets in Challenging Times

    • Finance Options

      Finance Options

      Accessing Financial Resources for Recovery and Stability

    • Small Business Restructure (SBR)

      Small Business Restructuring (SBR)

      Specialised Solutions for Small Businesses in Distress