“These two amazing men and their team guided us through impossible times”.


To the most amazing Team, what can I say.


Our Business was in more trouble than I could ever imagine, we were drowning in Business and Personal Debt. While I was working continuously in the Business, (name withheld) worked outside the Business earning a good Income. For years we kept pouring his Income into the Business to try and keep it afloat.

The fact was, we were facing losing our Business, Bankruptcy and Personal Financial ruining.

Through a stroke of LUCK it was suggested that we contact de Jonge Read for help. We were introduced to both Hank and Ashley who took time out to fly up and try and get a handle on the many problems we were trying to cope with.

With actually caring about our personal situation and taking the time to understand our Business. These two amazing men and their team guided us through this impossible time.

On a personal note:

Ashley you became my sanity!!! Without the time you invested in both (name withheld) and I as well your patience I hate to think where I would be now. You were always there at the other end of the phone no matter what time of day or night. You may not know, but your help actually saved my relationship with (name withheld), I could never ever thank you enough.

To both Vicki and Rebecca, you will never really know or understand what you both did for me. You girls were there every step of the way to guide me and explain what was happening or what was required.

The both of you made me smile again!!! Thank you so much.

Collectively, as a Team you helped us through the sale our Business, Personal Bankruptcy and gave us the opportunity to move forward.

Both (name withheld) and I could not speak more highly, recommend or thank you enough for the understanding, assistance and work you continuously put in for the great outcome which is way beyond our hopes or dreams.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

“We highly recommend de Jonge Read to anyone facing financial difficulties”.

To Ashley and Elaine,

We would like to say a huge thank you for your help and guidance when getting us through the closure of our business. Your leadership and support helped reduce the anxiety and stress associated with the closure.
We were obviously very stressed, worried and concerned when we realised that we could no longer continue to operate our business. We really appreciated just how much such a traumatic time in our lives was managed, allowing us to make decisions that were dignified and the best options in the situation. We thank you for giving us such support and help. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to Kimberley from Adrians who put us in contact with your company, de Jonge Read.

After so much hard work and stress in running the business, facing the financial hardships (not all of own doing) of covering the costs associated with floods, the GFC and slowing sales etc. Your advice and guidance helped reduce the pain associated with the decisions we had to make.

We thank you for your professionalism, for your competence, and for the manner in which you helped us through such a difficult time.

We highly recommend de Jonge Read to anyone facing business/financial difficulties. We can only say, what was a truly traumatic situation for us personally, become one that, while still difficult, was managed in a very professional and competent manner.


The support, guidance and consideration we received from de Jonge Read was amazing and very much appreciated. 

With personal debt holding back our small business moving forward and losing income due to a new baby arriving it became clear that we needed some strong advice and to make some hard decisions. We seeked advice from de Jonge Read and they showed us that to enter bankruptcy was the best decision for us and that we didn't need to look at it as if it was the end of the world, but a step in the right direction for our new family. They handled every single aspect of the process and kept us informed as to what was happening. We didn't have to speak to anyone. Now we are enjoying financial freedom and spending quality time as a family and excited about the future.

It is very difficult to put into words the gratitude and appreciation we feel towards your company and specifically to Ashley Shield and Vicki Armstrong.

It took a while for us to accept that our company was in serious trouble and by putting any further assets into it would just prolong the inevitable.

We reached a state of panic and desperation, were suffering from nervous exhaustion and had nowhere to turn; we were too scared to answer the phone as we had no answers to give our creditors.

We actually found de Jonge Read and Associates in the Yellow Pages, the advert sounded sincere and could have been written just for us. One desperate Friday afternoon we rang and a meeting was arranged. That first meeting was amazing, we actually had options! Three different options were presented to us and at the second meeting the decision was made that the company go into liquidation.

To be perfectly honest, when we were initially told how much your company would charge and bearing in mind we were already in a financial crisis, we hesitated and thought it was quite costly. However, not only was it worth every cent, we now wonder how your company can make a profit after all the time and commitment put in by Ashley and Vicki.

Once the contract was signed, it was as if all the worry of the world had been lifted from our shoulders and placed into Ashley's. The kindness, understanding, support and knowledge that Ashley gave to us is what we find so difficult to put into words. He made himself available to us virtually around the clock, he spoke to our creditors, he arranged for the liquidators to come in and the list just goes on.

The reason for our letter is not just to thank you, which is truly and understatement, but to offer ourselves as referees for your company. Having gone through the ordeal, we feel that other people in the same or similar situation may believe as we did at first, that what your company offers is 'too good to be true' and if any future client of yours would like to speak to myself or my husband, please do not hesitate to give them our numbers.

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and please pass on the following remark 'Ashley, you are one in a million'.

Dear Sir/ Madame,

I never through I would have the opportunity to write such a letter and without Hank it may not ever of been possible.

To give you some insight to my situation; I went into a business partnership with a friend of 20 years. I purchased a pub with my life savings and security of my family home. Five months into taking over the pub, I received a letter from a solicitor notifying me that I had been removed as a Director of the company. The company had been set up to give him a two third share without my knowledge. Immediately I went to a solicitor who worked on the case for over a year costing in excess of $50000 and making no real progress.

With prospect of losing my family home and no income for over a year, stress levels were at an all time high. With no sign of a way out or resolution, I was put in contact with Hank through a debt collector the number of which I found in the local paper. I was very sceptical with the situation as it was something seen in the movies and did not feel that it could be really happening. After the initial consult, it was like the weight or part of it had been taken off my shoulders. I could not believe how positive and motivated Hank and his team were. Within two to three weeks, Hank had a plan in place to not only secure our family home but also get the business back. The process was not always straight forward but Hank's commitment and dedication never wavered, he is not a nine to five businessman. His expertise and knowledge assured me that he could deal with anything put our way. He has an excellent group of colleagues and business associates whom have all been just as professional and helpful in every way possible.

I have now been back in the business three weeks and looking forward to the future. I will continue to draw on Hanks services for business dealings and have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody.

Dear Hank,

We take this opportunity to thank the team at de Jonge Read & Associates for their professionalism and excellence in the handling of our affairs.

We were recommended to approach your company by our accountants as was explained to us their expertise in business solutions was beyond approach, this was soon to be a proven fact.

Our first meeting with the directors lasted well over two hours with them perusing all the information they requested. The conclusion was yes they could help us ending with a result that we would be more than happy with.

The business was complex, it involved two companies and certainly required very dedicated work by the team. They dealt with many banks, finance companies, taxation department, government sections etc. The tasks we bought to Hank de Jonge and his team were long and complex, each and every case was handled to perfection. The term of our venture has lasted twelve months and has ended with myself and my wife being free from anxiety and sleepless nights to a feeling of peace within ourselves.

On our behalf we humbly thank the whole team for what we realise was dedication to ourselves.

Dear Rebecca,

At a time when we were going through both emotional and financial low points during the last 12 months, Rosalind and I really appreciated the strategic advice, consistent and regular contact and updates on how our situation was developing provided by de Jonge Read.

From our initial strategic consultation we were able to agree how best to proceed, what the likely outcomes would be and what timing the whole process would take. As a result, the process lost most of its hidden surprises and many of the questions and concerns we had were put to bed early in the discussions.

From our standpoint the stress had been significantly reduced and we have been regularly contacted for information required rather than hassled by our creditors on a daily basis. The fear of answering the phone or receiving payment claims has gone and much of this is due to the timely and knowledgeable actions that you have taken on our behalf.

Can I therefore thank you personally and de Jonge Read as an organisation for the professional and businesslike approach you have taken and confirm that we would be pleased to recommend your services to anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in a similar position to ours.

To Vicky and Ashley, and also the staff of de Jonge Read and Associates.

I just wanted to take a moment to write to you to express my thanks for the extra efforts you gave me, and all your hard work on helping me to sort out my finances.

It is people like you who make our world a better place, simply by taking the extra time it takes to ensure that all are comfortable with the content and understand it well.

Without the hard work you've put in and making sure I gave you the right paper work.

And always keeping me updated on things I needed to do, and whenever I needed a question. You always got back to me very quickly.

Once again, thank you for an outstanding job.

Dear Ashley,

I would just like to express mine and Jonathan's thanks for the excellent service you provided us whilst helping us manage our failed business dealings.

The thought of Bankruptcy is always a sickening one, but with your help and the help of all your staff at de Jonge Read, we found the whole experience was dealt with much compassion and efficiency, whilst taking the burden off us and dealing with it on our behalf. You took on the responsibility of contacting all our creditors and also handling the sale of our assets through the trustee you chose to handle our affairs.

You were also there to provide the answers to any questions we had concerning the whole bankruptcy issue.

We also understand you will be with us the whole time we are declared bankrupt, if any further issues arise.

Life is much less stressful for us all now!

Again, many thanks to you and Vicki for all your help.

To Ashley, Vicki & Hank,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us put the nightmare of the past two years of our business going down behind us.

July 2009 saw us losing 70 per cent of our sales almost overnight. The effects of this loss of sales was far reaching ranging from the inability to meet our tax liability to being unable to meet our leasing commitments. This also had a serious effect on my health. During this time I suffered bouts of depression and anxiety. I spent the mornings dry reaching in the sink and a lot of times either curled up in a ball or just sitting and staring into space.

The next twelve months left me wondering what was going to happen to us and how are we going to get out of this mess. It got to the point that all we could do was to pray to God that he would send someone to rescue us. After a very long wait, the answer to our prayers came when Robert White, our accountant, gave us Hank's name and phone number.

At our initial meetings, you gave assurance and empathy, and this very much became the pattern of our relationship with you guys. You treated us non-judgementally and professionally. You were always available to talk when we had any concerns. You always acted promptly whenever there were any issues to deal with. You handled our creditors well and took the pressure off us. You were a helping hand when we needed it. You provided words of comfort when we were distressed. You showed us the way forward when all we could see was a dead end. We are eternally grateful of your help.

I honestly do not know where we would be right now if you guys did not come to our aid. So thank you for helping us through the most difficult chapter of our lives. Because of your help, we are able to move forward and are in a better position to rebuild our lives again. Once again a big THANK YOU!!!

Due to a combination of personal and business circumstances we found ourselves in an extremely uncomfortable financial position. It was then that we made contact with de Jonge Read & Associates as we had heard of their professional approach to helping distressed businesses and people through tough times.

This was new territory for us and we had very little idea of what options were available to us and the processes involved in these options. From the outset we were comforted by the professionalism and service we received from de Jonge Read & Associates. Nothing was too much trouble for them and we found their emotional support as valuable as their business skills.

Their methodical and ethical approach to helping us with our solvency issues made it so much easier.

On behalf of myself and Peta, and indirectly so many other people and their families, we would like to sincerely thank de Jonge Read & Associates for helping us achieve a far better outcome than we had ever expected. We would like to especially thank Nathan for sharing his expansive knowledge and wisdom and for offering his support to us during this process.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend de Jonge Read & Associates (and have already done so) to anyone experiencing financial hardships.

I am writing this letter not only in thanks to de Jonge Read, but as a testimonial to anyone who maybe in the devastating financial situation, that we were in and not knowing how to fix the situation and when the timing was correct to do so.

Our situation, which I perceived to be much harder than it was, was that we had an unlisted public company. Unfortunately when we were in this situation we were talking with the wrong people who did not have the experience in these matters but still have an opinion.

I believe that had I had the information I have now, I would have taken this action 12 months earlier than we did which would have saved me a fortune personally.

From my first meeting at de Jonge Read all my worries were put into perspective, and the plan to resolve these was explained to me, and from that point the process was put in to action.

The stress and worry about all the activities involved in this process have been eased and it has been simple to phone for an instant answer to my questions.

I would recommend de Jonge Read to anyone wanting advice and action in resolving their financial problems.

It has been a pleasure to deal with such helpful and professional people from the outset.

Best wishes and good luck.

Dear Hank,

I engaged the specialist business consultancy services of de Jonge, Read & Associates because of company and personal solvency issues a few months ago.

I felt that your professional advice and the efficient implementation of the specialist strategies were beneficial to my financial situation.

I am happy to recommend your services to other people and businesses that may be going through financial hardship.

Thank you for the service you provided.

Dear Hank,

I am writing to say thank you for helping us through a very difficult time.

You walked us through the various steps and were always honest and up-front with us. We really appreciate what you did for us. You put our best interest as your priority and never wavered from that.

I was extremely unsure at first, however I found that you really understood the whole process and I know that we got the best result from an extremely ugly situation.

I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Thank you again for all your help and understanding.

To whom it may concern,

I acquired the services of Read and Associates to help me get through a difficult time. They helped me greatly, I had no problem with their directions or their advice. They were always there to answer any questions I had and at any time of the day. I found their complete staff most reliable, quick to respond to any situation and easy and comfortable to talk to especially with personal issues. I would be only too glad to put them onto the services of these business specialists. They not only do their best for the client, but the follow through is just amazing. Although they have done their job they still follow through with you in case there are other issues that need to be addressed.

I thank Read and Associates for their devotion, prompt and up front service, without them I would have been in the dead of matters I didn't comprehend fully, but they made everything easy to understand.

Again, I thank the business and staff of Read and associates for their participation in helping me in my difficult time.

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