All good businesses have risk management strategies which are designed to minimise the impact should a significant event occur.


Not every event can be covered. For business owners to best position themselves in the event of financial pressure and prior to recovery action taking place; it is sometimes necessary to take quick action to design and implement decisive strategies.


Significant events can include:


  • A partnership dispute

  • A debtor not paying

  • Withdrawal of support from the bank

  • Fraud

  • An overnight change in the market

  • Divorce


When a potentially difficult situation arises you can rely on de Jonge Read to report, strategise and manage adverse terrain to ensure the business owner retains control. 




If a significant event is negatively affecting your business, de Jonge Read can assist with design and implementation of strategies such as: 


  • Bank Workout

  • One Off Specialist Debt Collection

  • Restructure

  • Cash Flow Finance

  • Management Consulting

  • Negotiation

  • Asset Protection


Taking quick action is crucial.


In our experience acting swiftly can improve

the outcome substantially.


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