Do you really know who is working
for you?

Liquidators & Trustees have a legal obligation to work for the best interest of the the creditors. de Jonge Read is 100% for you.



The insolvency framework in Australia is ultimately designed to assist individuals, corporate entities, unsecured and secured creditors to bring finality to insurmountable debt positions. It is by no means a perfect system and should be carefully navigated.


Why do I need insolvency advice? Receipt of comprehensive, independent and written advice on how to correctly navigate the insolvency framework and evaluate options, can improve the outcome for a company director or business owner significantly.


Being in control of difficult financial situations ensures the final result is the best possible outcome with the least amount of stress, cost and long term ramifications. 



It is imperative that company directors and individuals seek independent advice prior to entering any form of formal insolvency.


Independent advice should be in writing and in the case of corporate insolvency it should clearly identify the appropriate course of action and considerations for the director personally.


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