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Comprehensive suite of financial services

When facing financial difficulties, it is important to get comprehensive advice that is practical enough to act on.

Everything from small business debt restructuring, business restructures, creditor negotiations, liquidation, voluntary administrations to personal asset protection and bankruptcy – we can help you navigate the minefield of insolvency to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

How it Works

If you are considering a Business restructure, de Jonge Read will review your situation carefully. We consider both business and personal aspects.

We then prepare a written recommendation on how to achieve the best outcome possible in your unique situation. We do this at no initial cost to you!

  • 1 Schedule a no-fee consultation with one of our strategists
  • 2 A no-obligation tailored strategy is prepared to suit your individual circumstances
  • 3 Once signed up, you’ll have the Brisbane & Gold Coast Strategic Team to look after you. Our team is here to hold your hand throughout the process

Our Melbourne Team

  • Jack Morgan


    Jack Morgan


  • Ashley Shield

    Executive Director

    Ashley Shield

    Executive Director

    Having been the principal of his own Accountancy firm Ashley has a strong background in taxation and business services accounting. Ashley has a passion for assisting company directors through the insolvency framework.

    His deep understanding of the pressures of business ownership has placed him well since joining de Jonge Read. He is keenly focused around finding solutions and extremely driven to assist clients through insolvency situations. Ashley became a partner in the firm in 2014 and currently oversees the de Jonge Read team in Melbourne.

  • Terry Finn


    Terry Finn


    Terry has more than 30 years’ experience in advising clients and managing all types of personal and corporate insolvency administrations.

    His intricate knowledge of insolvency, in both a technical and a practical sense, enables him to solve insolvency-related problems and guide clients through the confusing and stressful maze of financial distress in a caring and controlled manner.

  • Sophie Zapantis


    Sophie Zapantis


    Sophie is a CPA with extensive experience, at senior levels, in both banking and insolvency. This background, coupled with her excellent financial analysis enables Sophie to develop outstanding strategies for her clients.

    Sophie can effectively liaise and negotiate with a number of stakeholders to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes. You want to have Sophie in your corner when negotiating with banks or creditors!

  • Corey Cole


    Corey Cole


    Corey is a CA who has more than 20 years’ experience in advising and managing all types of formal and informal personal and corporate insolvency administrations and turnaround engagements.

    During this time Corey has held a quality assurance role for an international insolvency firm. Corey’s technical knowledge of insolvency along with his commercial, project and people management skills enables him to solve complex insolvency and business related problems and design market leading strategies.

  • Susan Morling

    Strategy Support Officer

    Susan Morling

    Strategy Support Officer

    Susan has a very broad experience covering Banking, Credit Control, Project management, problem-solving, and Systems administration.

    Susan has been with de Jonge Read since 2016 and revels in the challenge of problem-solving for her clients.

    Susan is very empathetic towards her clients and understands well how to guide clients through the difficult situations they find themselves in.

    Her commonsense and flexible approach to problem-solving combined with her ability to think outside the box has achieved many successful outcomes for her clients in all manner of negotiations.

    Outside of work, Susan is involved in fundraising for Charity and volunteering as well as being an avid gardener.

  • Kate Hulsman

    Partnership Executive

    Kate Hulsman

    Partnership Executive

    Kate is passionate about helping company directors and individuals in financial distress find the best solution.

    With over 16 years experience in all areas of Business Recovery and Corporate Insolvency, Kate has the knowledge and expertise which allows her to understand the issues that accountants and other business advisors often experience with their client files.

    Strong communication skills and technical knowledge have ensured that Kate is the go-to person for a wide network of accountants! Kate will always make room in her busy schedule for one more coffee catch-up!

    Outsides work Kate enjoys spending time with her family and plays an active role in supporting a charity that she has a deep personal connection with.